Be Aloha Series

Shaka Tea Be Aloha Reise Kochi

Be Aloha: Reise Kochi

Oʻahu’s Reise Kochi is best known for his distinctive leatherwork, which frequently makes an appearance in fashion spreads, collaborating with Hawaii’s most exciting creatives and on the runway. Self-taught and keenly aware of the power of intuition, he is known for his ability to combine elegance with edgy. Most recently, Reise has also ventured into working with lei, creating bespoke pieces rooted in his own, family traditions and Hawaiian flora.

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Shaka Tea Be Aloha Josh Tengan

Be Aloha: Josh Tengan

Josh Tengan brings an unmatched level of unaffected, probing intellect to all the exhibitions he has curated for nearly a decade. Josh Tengan continuously adds to scholarly dialogue and has an unwavering commitment to elevating the voices of Hawaii’s most groundbreaking artists.

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Shaka Tea Be Aloha Tolentino Honey

Be Aloha: Tolentino 'Ohana

‘Ohana first — the Marina and Ryan Tolentino are a husband and wife team who have leveraged a family passion into the blossoming legacy of Tolentino Honey Co. They live by an entrepreneurial spirit inspired by their children, the land, and providing wholesome nutrition for their community.

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Shaka Tea Be Aloha Nanci Amaka

Be Aloha: Nanci Amaka

Working across a variety of mediums, Nanci Amaka is a masterful contemporary artist who holds multiple roles in the Hawaiʻi creative community, in addition to being a mother. As an interdisciplinary creator, Nanci explores ideas surrounding trauma, ancestry, memory and West African Animism. Born in Nigeria, Nanci now resides in Honolulu with her ʻohana, and is known for creating artworks that are both emotive and magical.

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