Shaka Tea Mango Hibiscus Cane Punch

Cane Punch

Forget the water cooler, it’s time to meet up at the punch bowl and get a ladle (or two) of Cane Punch. Shaka Tea Mango Hibiscus along with a healthy dose of lime juice are paired with white rum and soda water for the ultimate refresher. Call the crew, summer is coming!

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Shaka Tea Pineapple Mint Hana Hou Recipe

The Hana Hou

It’s time to let go of making any plans for 2022 and raise a shaka that we can always hana hou – start again, start anew! Cheers to the wonderful news that while not all of our plans come to fruition … we can take a sip and do it again. So grab yourself a Shaka Tea and your favorite blanco tequila of choice for a well-deserved fresh start!

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