“Amazing tea - it’s hard to have just one favorite! If you aren’t familiar - the tea is flavorful + sweet with ZERO carbs! The Pineapple Mint + Mango Hibiscus is a favorite with our kids.”
“Best iced tea. I switched from coffee to iced tea in the mornings and have been on a search for one with no calories but some flavor. Most of them are either way too sweet or way too bitter. When I was recently in Hawaii I found Shaka Hawaiian Iced Tea and it is all I drink now.”
“Wifey and I ordered mango hibiscus and pineapple mint to start and WOW- it's the best iced tea we've ever had.”
“Just received my case of pineapple mint tea, and I AM IN LOVE! Definitely will be ordering again.”
“Tastes Healthy and Delicious. ZERO calories is a huge bonus, especially when used as a mixer for cocktails. Will definitely order again. Thank you!”

Better Mornings, Calmer Evenings, Pure Magic. Self-care begins at home, brew yourself a cup and savor the ritual of māmaki - the ancient superleaf only found one place in the world, the Hawaiian Islands.