Introducing the Be Aloha spotlight series in 2021, Shaka Tea is honored to be sharing the stories of our Hawai'i community through the lens of its people as captured by Kenna Reed.

Get to know the the artisans, community leaders, small business owners, and advocates of Hawai'i as we uncover the aloha they wish to see in the world.

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Māmaki, Our Hero Ingredient

Brewed in Hawaiʻi for centuries and revered for its health benefits, māmaki is only found one place in the world, the Hawaiian Islands. All of Shaka Tea's māmaki is sustainably farmed in Hawaiʻi - supporting economic development and restorative agriculture.

Blue Magic Matcha Latte

Magical moments just got a matcha twist in 2021. Some mornings call for an extra dose of green and we've got the recipe for you with a Blue Magic M...

Lemon Cactus Rose Champagne Cocktail

Team Shaka Tea is smitten! ... and we're ending 2020 with a clink of a Lemon Cactus Rose champagne cocktail alongside our friends at Aura Bora. Aur...

Shaka "Sugar" Cookies

Turn up those ʻukulele melodies! It's time to roll up your sleeves, think warm thoughts, and enjoy all of the holiday vibes without the guilt. We'r...

Kō Hana x Shaka Tea Sunrise Mule

We've all had quite the year, with so many unexpected turns and pivots. One thing we do know, is that our friends at Kō Hana Rum have a deep passio...

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