Shaka Tea is an award-winning tea company founded in 2016 by Oʻahu born and raised Bella Hughes and her husband, Harrison Rice, launching the first line of Hawaiʻi-grown, RTD iced teas on the market brewed with māmaki, an ancient, adaptogenic superleaf that’s only found one place in the world: the Hawaiian archipelago. Founded out of Bella’s love for her home and wanting to offer something healthy and authentic to customers beyond Hawai’i, whilst supporting her local community and using business as a vehicle for true, social enterprise and force for good. From leaf to bottle, Shaka Tea strives to live our mission and vision: be the aloha you wish to see in the world.

With a commitment to the health of our customers and the health of our ʻāina (land), Shaka Tea is a naturally caffeine-free, project non-GMO verified, 0cal/0g sugar product, supporting sustainable agriculture and economic abundance in Hawaiʻi. We pay local farmers a premium for our hero ingredient, māmaki leaves, connecting our local supply chain from around a dozen farmers from Hawaiʻi Island, aka “the Big Island,” to global demand.

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Championing the growth of the māmaki industry also enables us to be at the forefront of restoring native ecosystem habitat; māmaki is the host plant for our native and endangered pollinator butterfly, pulelehua, also known as the Kamehameha Butterfly.

As parentpreneurs, Shaka Tea is caffeine-free and brewed with only clean label, wholesome and quality ingredients that Bella and Harrison trust to give their own kids.

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