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Shaka Tea Be Aloha Josh Tengan

Be Aloha: Josh Tengan

Captured at Arts and Letters Nuʻuanu, Shaka Tea caught up with Josh Tengan and Reise Kochi. In this two-part Be Aloha feature, we sit down with both gentlemen to discuss their individual work and views as part of Hawai'i's tapestry.   Visionary. Scholar. Altruistic. Meet: Josh Tengan Born and raised in Honolulu, Josh has been championing contemporary artists of Hawaiʻi locally and globally after Hawaiʻi called him home in 2014. Josh brings an unmatched level of unaffected, probing intellect to all the exhibitions he has curated for nearly a decade. With his artist-first focus as a curator, project manager and writer,...

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