Be The Aloha

Be The Aloha

E Komo Mai, Welcome

We are excited to share our updated website with you. We cannot believe that this March, Shaka Tea turned four years old. Shaka Tea was founded with the deep belief to be the Aloha you wish to see in the world. 

Practicing Aloha - goodness, kindness, peace, humility, love, and respect, is central to Shaka Tea’s mission. This practice is rooted in our community, Hawaiʻi, where I was born, raised, and where we are based. We are blessed to be working with inspiring colleagues and a host of partners who like us, live by the Be the Aloha movement.

For us, Be the Aloha is reflected through our commitment to sustainability and restoring native ecosystem habitat; paying our hui of small farmers in Hawaiʻi a premium; and having inclusivity, diversity and a commitment to justice and equality at the forefront of our values.

To our loyal and new customers alike, we are honored to be sharing our teas with you. We hope our relationship is rooted in trust, knowing that when you purchase Shaka Tea, you are always getting premium ingredients, full flavor, and zero sugar, supporting a company that was founded on the belief that social enterprise can make a tremendous impact, one humble bottle or cup of tea at a time.

The words of my dear friend and mentor, Pono Shim, one of the authors of the Aloha Response and Auntie Pilahi Paki, who was known as “The Keeper of the Secrets of Hawaiʻi,” are perpetual guiding lights, as we continuously reflect, listen and affirm our commitment to the Be the Aloha movement through the way we operate our business, the communities we serve, and the many causes we support locally and nationally.  Auntie Pilahi Paki  said many years ago, yet these words are more relevant than ever that “The world will turn to Hawaiʻi as they search for world peace because Hawaiʻi has the key ... and that key is Aloha.” 

We would not be here without you; Mahalo nui loa for bringing us into your home and making us part of your life. We hope to have you part of our Shaka ʻOhana for years to come. Please watch this new blog space for recipes, stories, DIY projects, sustainable living, and stories about entrepreneurship and parenthood. We also would love to hear from you about content you would be interested in seeing, what issues are important for you, and how us at Shaka Tea can be of service to you.

With deepest gratitude for your continued support,

Bella, Harrison and Team Shaka Tea

image credit: Kenna Reed

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