Not your average bake sale! TEA CAKES is the new cake around town with their tea-infused cakes made with aloha on the island of Maui. Founded by Shaka Tea team member, Shaynee Scott, and her co-founder (and fiancé) Jacky Tu, the flavor profile and signature butter mochi layer of every TEA CAKES gives these treats a distinctive appeal rich in their joint heritage.

Blue Magic Tea Cakes

In honor of the upcoming holiday season, TEA CAKES is releasing a limited run of Shaka Tea Blue Magic TEA CAKES with Rose Water Frosting - and we're spellbound. Available only to local Maui orders at this time, snag your Blue Magic TEA CAKES today through November 6, 2020 by following @teacakeshi for direct orders. Get to know more about their journey and what makes TEA CAKES the next new obsession everyone in Hawai'i will be indulging in.


Tea Cakes Hawaii Chai Pumpkin

Tell us the founding story of Shaynee Scott and Jacky Tu.

The story of us is rooted in food. Our paths crossed in Brooklyn on a cold February night at Jacky’s restaurant, Bunker.  It was during a time when I was in desperate need of pho and his restaurant just happened to be named the best in NYC. We bonded over our love for live music, late night eating spots, and craft libations. Jacky and I had the most fun together and decided to make us a more permanent thing.  Three years later, you can find us on Maui creating, living, and looking for the next best thing to eat. 





Tea Cakes Hawaii Party Pack

How did the idea for TEA CAKES originate?

TEA CAKES is the product of COVID-19 induced creativity.  Many of our industry friends were facing potential closures and we were all feeling the hard lump in our throats.  Will our beloved food industry survive this global pandemic?  This cannot be the end all be all for flavor. When the world was on lockdown, we sat in our living room and brainstormed. When you crave sweet things, it means you seek comfort. Our country, our friends, and us ourselves were seeking comfort in such uncertain times. Then, we were brought back to a time when Jacky baked me tea infused cupcakes as a ploy to fall in love with him.  As you can see, it worked. We revived that sweet moment and reimagined a tea infused cupcake adding a butter mochi base paying homage to my Hawai’i roots. Voila! TEA CAKES came to life.

Tea Cakes Hawaii


With such unique flavor profiles, where do you draw inspiration from?

Our inspiration derives from the flavors of our childhood and our diverse ethnic backgrounds. Jacky is Chinese and Vietnamese from New York and I am Hawaiian, Filipino, Portuguese from Hawai’i. We are both products of melting pot cities who find comfort in flavors from afar. The Blue Magic TEA CAKE highlights a flavor combination of māmaki (Hawai’i), rose water (Middle East), lemongrass and butterfly pea (South East Asia). This collaboration, TEA CAKES, is the perfect example of 'melting pot' flavor. 

In serving your Maui community, what is your hope for the future of TEA CAKES?

We want to keep sharing TEA CAKES, contribute to the budding food scene on Maui and represent our heritage the best way we know how - through food.  We want to empower our local community to keep going. We have each other to get through this and in the sourest of times, sweetness shall balance. 

Written by Micah Iaukea

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