Hello Fall, Hello 'Ohana Time

Like many of you, since the spring, we have been working, teaching, and living from home. These days are unusual - most of us, my ʻohana included, have never spent so much time at home, abuzz with activity, yet also blurring together. We’ve done the crafts, gardening, a variety of extremely complex Lego sets, watched far too many movies, and even taught our 5 & 7 year old how to play poker. 

This Fall, with us busy working all day and our kids doing kindergarten and second grade so far 100% via Zoom (mahalo plenty to all the teachers who have adapted and continue to teach with dedication and passion despite the many challenges!), although we are “all together all the time,” we have found it more critical than ever to create space for ʻohana time, to pause, put all devices down, not check our email, and really connect each day. Since we have done every activity under the sun since the pandemic began, we are going back to basics and these days, as we enter our eighth month of work and school from home, reveling in the simple pastime of talk story and cooking. As an ʻohana in the tea business, our favorite way to do this is with a long, late afternoon talk story session over tea and snacks, before coming together to cook dinner. This is one ritual, that when the world opens again, we will keep.

Written by Bella Hughes

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