Diabetes Awareness Month

Diabetes Awareness Month
Shaka Tea Diabetes Awareness Month
Shaka Tea has teamed up with the American Diabetes Association® this November for Diabetes Awareness Month in an effort to win the fight against diabetes.
Join us in improving treatments and raising awareness by making a donation at checkout with every purchase on shakatea.com during November.
Read on to learn more about Shaka Tea's connection to diabetes as co-founder, Harrison Rice, shares his greatest inspiration and the direct impact diabetes has had on his family.
Some of my earliest memories are riding my grandma’s scooter around her clothing store, Helen’s of Course, in Beaverton Oregon – weaving past the register, through racks of colorful clothing and down narrow halls, surprising more than a few customers. That grey battery-powered scooter was also a symbol of her illness, the way she would get around since type two diabetes took away her ability to walk well before I was born.
Yet, diabetes didn’t slow down a woman who built, through her own grit, joy and perseverance, a business during the 1950s and 1960s. Her demeanor would often give away what it took to build a business in a time when history didn’t exactly shine on women setting up shop. From laughter and an upbeat seriousness, she’d turn on a dime and allow exactly zero slack when vendors tried to take more than their fair share.
I only knew her for 14 years before she passed due to complications related to diabetes. Every day, her spirit, joy, seriousness and positivity are foundational part of how we think about running Shaka Tea. It also adds extra motivation to our work, offering award-winning flavor with zero sugar, carbs or calories that helps people save dozens of pounds sugar each year – while still getting the enjoyment out of the special place beverages have in our lives.
This month, we are incredibly proud to partner with the American Diabetes Association in raising awareness and donations for this critically important cause. From my greatest inspiration, I directly know the impact of this illness and the incredible importance of continuing to improve treatments, awareness, and prevention.
- Harrison Rice, Co-Founder Shaka Tea 
Shaka Tea Diabetes Awareness Month
Let’s get the word out on social media. Visit diabetes.org to find resources, upcoming events and an interactive tool where you can upload your selfie, choose a message and share it on your social media platforms. Join the conversation by using our hashtags: #WeStandGreaterThan #HealthEquityNow #MakeInsulinAffordable #ADM2020
Prevention is essential in winning the fight against diabetes, Take the 1-minute Risk Test TODAY for you or a loved one.

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