Shaka Tea Lemon Lokelani Rose Chia Pudding

Did you know Shaka Tea can be used in a variety of delicious, filling and 100% plant-based recipes that also complement keto and low-carb diets? 

One of our go-to breakfasts or afternoon snacks that is popular in our ʻohana is this nutrient-rich, keto-friendly, chia seed pudding using our Lemon Lokelani Rose iced tea. 

2 cups of Lemon Lokelani Rose Shaka Tea [1 bottle]
½ cup coconut milk [or nut milk of choice] at room temperature
1 cup chia seeds
1/2 teaspoon organic vanilla extract
Add monk fruit or stevia to taste 
Optional: chopped macadamia nuts, hemp seeds, dried or fresh strawberries to sprinkle on top or any toppings of choice


Pour the cup of chia seeds into a bowl and then add 1 cup of the Lemon Lokelani Rose Shaka Tea and use a fork to stir thoroughly.  Add the second cup of tea and ½ cup coconut milk, mixing well, adding your desired sweetener of choice and vanilla extract.  Let sit for at least one hour or overnight and you’ll be amazed by how the cup of chia will absorb all of the liquid.  the chia will absorb all of the liquid!

Before serving, sprinkle your nuts, seeds and fruit on top, we love chopped macadamia nuts, hemp seeds and freeze-dried strawberries for a complementing crunch to the smooth pudding. 


Shaka Tea Lemon Lokelani Rose Chia Pudding

Written by Bella Hughes

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