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Shaka Tea's digital series about the community of change-makers that inspired our journey through their embodiment of #aloha_values. Follow

Shaka Tea supports sustainable farming practices, regenerative agriculture and a growing community of māmaki farmers across the islands.

Beyond our company mission of offering an authentically Hawaiian, healthy iced tea that’s good for ʻāina and our bodies, central to our vision is Be the Aloha™ you wish to see in the world and in turn, cultivating this energy within our team and network of farming and community partners.



... to everyone who came our to our premiere at The Surfjack Hotel. It was a milestone night for us, and we were heart-warmed by our community who is the source of our inspiration & who continues to support us in our mission. We hope that from the series those who are new to the Shaka Tea Hui will better understand where we come from, what work for, and what we hope to create in the future. #bethealoha.